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Best Investment: Warren Buffett – How to Identify a Good Investment. For the latest Warren Buffett, go to – If you had to sell short a member of your class, and you had to pay ten percent of their …

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    It says a lot when he stated that “any good investment idea can be put into one paragraph.” There are many times when we become caught up in the too much information syndrome.

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  8. lO RR says:

    (folllowing my previous message)

    And for Buffett, integrity is a part of the ˝ machine ˝.

  9. lO RR says:

    Because money is always a ˝ result ˝ , a ˝ consequence ˝  of something.

    So if you really want to make money don’t focus on money itself but on the ˝ machine ˝ that makes money.

    See what I mean ?

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  13. crazyguy1444 says:

    “family wealth” isn’t he donating 99% of that wealth? she clearly thinks it’s unfair for him to give wealth to his children other than a tiny percentage and even though he paid for everyone’s education and was this container of knowledge that he had accumulated. He’s a disciplinarian and that’s that. She was just spoiled. She was basically a nanny/house maid to some rich people most likely because of her ties to her family as well. Documentaries aren’t always made to tell the truth.

  14. Carlos Gomez says:

    that’s why in a documentary it showed him cutting off his daughter from the family wealth